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Valentine card ideas can be found everywhere during this holiday! Magazines, billboards, even commercials can give you some fresh and romantic ideas!

So instead of buying a mass-produced greeting card, why not make a card yourself?

It is easy to create a beautiful and romantic handmade card that your loved one will cherish forever. Get inspired with Valentine card ideas just from looking around.

What type of cool Valentine gifts are being advertised? Are the advertisements especially romantic this year that you might want to imitate that romantic vibe with your own card?

Here are instructions to create the homemade Valentine Card pictured above.

Material Needed:

  • Cardstock - for this example, I just used black cardstock

  • Patterned decorative paper - I chose a deep red pattern with musical notes on it and a anique looking pattern with cursive writing

  • Glue or any type of adhesive that you prefer

  • Stamped letters - "LOVE" or "BE MINE" - you can create your own special message

  • Ink pad or brush marker (for your stamped message)

  • Craft Knife

  • Steel Ruler

  • Bone folder, optional for scoring and making exact folds

  • Ribbon, optional

  • Hole Puncher, optional if using ribbon

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Trim and fold your cardstock into a tri-fold (save your scraps!)

  2. Trim the right and left edges of the card so that you can view both patterns when the card is completely folded (see pictures)

  3. Stamp out your letters or message on some of the scrap cardstock saved from Step 1

  4. On one of your patterned papers, use an object (I used a quarter) to trace and cut out circular discs (make sure that your letters or message will fit inside the shapes you are cutting out)

  5. Use the same object to trace around your stamped letters or message on the cardstock

  6. After tracing your message, cut just inside your trace marks evenly

  7. Glue your letters or message that you just cut out in Step 6 to the patterned paper that you cut out in Step 4.

    NOTE: There should be a small border of patterned paper around your letters or message (see Step 6)

  8. Take your two patterned pieces of paper, trim them to fit the two parts of the tri-fold card that will be shown when completely folded

    TIP: For this example, I tore along the sides of the patterned paper to create a different texture along the edges. Then I painted the torn edges in silver where the white backing of the patterns were showing through

  9. Glue your letters or message on either side of the front surface of the card - make sure than when you fold the card that you can see the message (see picture below)

  10. Using your hole puncher, hole punch a hole near the top and the bottom of the middle section of the inside of the card

  11. String your ribbon through the holes from the back and fold the card closed and tie the ribbon in a bow

    TIP: You do not have to use ribbon. A thin strip of pretty fabric would work or even a down-to-Earth piece of twine would give the card a cool texture.

    TIP: If you are using a dark piece of cardstock, you can use a metallic pen to write your romantic message. Or you can find a piece of off-white scratch paper, tear along the edges to give it some character, and glue it inside the card to write on.

handmade valentine card

Valentine card ideas can work on many levels, here is the card folded over exposing the red patterned paper.

Making the greeting card into a tri-fold, but making the outside folds shorter create a unique card that can be folded and displayed in different ways.

homemade valentine card

And here is the same card folded over with the other antique brown patterned paper showing on the outside. Notice how versatile the card becomes when is it tri-folded. Also, the tri-folded card is easy to stand up and put on display.

Here is the same card folded out and pictured from the back.

You can see how the ribbon is strung through the holes through the back of the card.

Also, notice how the card is not a perfect tri-fold. I cut the ends of the card to be able to create a more versatile design.

It's always see your Valentine card ideas come to life and I love this card because it is so unique.

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