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Tips for Cleaning Your Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are one of the hallmark tools for making your own handmade greeting cards. So it's wise to know just what to do to make your investment in stamps last (because we all know they aren't that cheap!).

Here are some cleaning tips for keeping your stamps for making sure that they are able to provide you with beautiful stamped images for a long time!

Clean Your Rubber Stamps After Each Use

This may be obvious, but I've ruined some stamps by not cleaning them right after using them.

This is true when stamping with any material, but especially true when using paint with your stamps. Some paints can dry and become impossible to remove without damaging your stamp and altering your stamp's image.

It can get busy when you are crafting and working with lots of different material - I know my mind and attention wanders when I am making cards.

So try to keep some reminders out when you are using your stamps that will help you remember to clean them.

I keep my bottle of stamp cleaner right next to my rubber stamps when I am crafting, along with an old toothbrush - this helps me to remember to clean my stamps.

Baby Wipes - for more than just babies!

Baby wipes come in handy to wipe down stamps after each use, but make sure that you are using baby wipes that are alcohol-free.

Alcohol has the potential to damage the material on your stamp and dry out the rubber.

Baby wipes work better with not-so-intricate designs as it might be hard to get into the very detailed grooves of your image, but it works great with more simple images.

Stamp Out Excess Ink

Before cleaning your stamp, a nice habit to form would be to stamp out excess ink onto a piece of scrap paper.

This allows a lot of residue ink left over from your craft to come off and it also makes it easier to clean because you will only have the minimal amount of ink to clean off.

Avoid Soaking Your Rubber Stamps

This is an absolute no-no! Soaking your rubber stamps will cause the wooden block on your stamps to soften.

Repeated exposure to water will likely weaken the seal between your rubber image and the wooden block as well.

So try to clean just the rubber image portion of your stamps to maintain the health of your wooden block.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners When Cleaning Your Rubber Stamps

Some harsh cleansers will deteriorate the rubber of your stamps. Avoid harsh chemicals such as rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

Look for special rubber stamp cleaners in the rubber stamping isle at your craft store - these are made specifically for stamps.

Depending on what type of ink you prefer to use - some manufacturers will have made specific cleaner for their inks which might be a nice investment if you use only a particular type of inkpad.

Or you can use a mild household soap to clean your stamps - such as mild dish soap or hand soap.

Sponges Work, too!

If you are not able to buy special cleaners and extra cleaning supplies - a simple sponge may do the trick, especially if you simple use pigment ink and don't ever use paints or other more permanent types of inks.

Wet and wring out your sponge, it does not need to be soaking wet, and dab it onto your stamp. Then stamp out the image on a dry paper towel. Repeat until clean.

NOTE: Make sure that you use cellulose sponges - other types of sponges may leave "grit" on your stamps.

NOTE: If using just water and a sponge does not work -- try adding a drop or two of mild dish soap to your sponge to help.

Save Your Old Toothbrush(es)!

Old toothbrushes can come in handy when getting bits of ink, paint, or glitter out of the groove of your stamp.

Be careful not to scrub too hard on your stamps because you could accidentally wear down the image. Consider using "soft bristle" toothbrushes when you can.

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