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Simple Handmade Thank You Card Ideas to Say "Thanks!"

window thank you card

Thank you card ideas can be either very elaborate or simple, like this one! This window Thank You card is easy to make and very easy to spruce up if you have the extra supplies on hand.

I bought this simple "Thanks" rubber stamp on sale for $1. It may look a little plain, but with a little glitter and some craft jewels, you could really make this card look fabulous.

Of course, all the extra bells and whistles are simply optional, the card looks beautiful with or without a little sparkle. Your recipient will appreciate that you even took the time to think of Thank You card ideas and actually make them.

Materials Needed:

  • A piece of patterned paper - size will depend on how small or big you want your card to be.

  • A piece of colored cardstock - preferably one that matches your patterned paper

  • Craft knife - for trimming out the window

  • Steel ruler - for accuracy when trimming out the window

  • Rubber stamp that says "Thanks!" or "Merci" or "Gracias" - there are so many ways to say Thank You!

  • Ink pad or brush markers for your rubber stamp

  • Rubber Cement, glue or your preference of adhesive

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Trim and fold your cardstock to the desired size

  2. Trim you patterned paper just inside the size of the front of your card, so that a small borders exists around the pattern

  3. Cut a window into the front of the cardstock a little bigger than the size of your stamp

    TIP: I lightly traced around the rubber stamp on the inside of the card and used my steel ruler and craft knife to carve out the window, then carefully erased the remaining pencil marks.

  4. Use the window on the cardstock and trace the window on the back of the patterned paper

  5. Use the steel ruler and craft knife to cut another window through the patterned paper - cut this window bigger than your tracing in order to create a little border within the window.

  6. Prepare your rubber stamp and stamp your message through the window onto the inside of the card

  7. Glue the patterned paper onto the outside of the cardstock

  8. And presto - you are done!

TIP: These window cards can be used for a lot of other occasions, not just as Thank You card ideas. What about just saying "Hi" or stamping a heart through the window for Valentine's Day? Choose your colors and patterns to match your message and you could create window cards for an endless amount of occasions!

In this example, I used a stamp that had flowers hanging from the "Thanks" message. I wanted to add craft jewels (my newest obsession!) instead of just stamped flowers. So I used brush markers to color the stamp, but left the flowers without color - that way it would be easier for me to attach craft jewels.

Here I've attached some craft jewels to the "Thanks" message to add a little dimension to the card. When the recipient opens the card, the jeweled message will be inside - a cool little plus about window cards.

I could certainly add more craft jewels to the outside of the card - on the patterned paper, but I didn't want to go overboard. I like to keep it simple.

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