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Thank You card ideas can be simple! For this Thank You card I used only a few basic supplies, but I will show you later on how you can add more material to really make this card stand out.

Material Needed:

  • Patterned paper - any colorful pattern will do

  • Cardstock - choose two shades that match the patterned paper

  • White paper or white cardstock - to stamp your message (you just need a little bit - leftever white craft paper will do)

  • Rubber stamp - "Thank you" or "Thanks"

  • Rubber stamp marker - I used the color orange, but you can use whatever color would complement your pattern or cardstock

  • X-acto knife or scissors or paper trimmer

  • Ruler (if using an X-acto knife or scissors)

  • Glue or your choice of adhesive

  • Bone folder - optional for making precise folds

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Fold and trim your cardstock to your desired size

  2. Cut a section of your patterned paper to fit on the front of your card, leaving a space around 1/4" around it
    (Keep your leftover cardstock for the message on the front)

  3. Stamp your "Thank You" message on your white cardstock or paper

  4. Use your scissors or a paper trimmer to trim around the message

  5. Glue your message onto one of your colored cardstock sheets (or your leftover cardstock)

  6. Trim the cardstock around the message leaving a colorful border

  7. Glue the message on the cardstock onto the second piece of cardstock (or leftover cardstock)

  8. Again, trim around the message to create two colorful borders

  9. Glue the message onto the color patterned paper that is attached to the greeting card

  10. Optional: Cut a piece of cardstock to place inside the card (where your handwritten message would go), leaving a little border around its' edges (see picture)

TIP: If you are making a smaller card, you can simply stamp "Thanks!" instead of the longer message.

TIP: This front of this card can be made inexpensively by using leftover colored cardstock from your other crafting projects.

TIP: If you only have a limited amount of cardstock - you can just use one color to border the message.

Add Some Pizzazz to Your Thank You card ideas!

The card you made looks great! But if you have some extra supplies - why not add just a little pizzazz with some craft jewels to your Thank You card ideas?

Material Needed:

  • Craft Jewels, preferably use jewels that match your a patterned paper

  • Glue, preferably glue that dries clear

Step-by-Step Instructions:

This will be easy!

  1. Carefully place a small dab of glue where you would like to position your craft jewel

  2. Place craft jewel on your dab of glue, press firmly to adhere craft jewel to glue

  3. Repeat for all craft jewels that you would like to add

TIP: Adding craft jewels work exceptionally well with floral patterned paper because it is easily to place jewels in the center of the flowers

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