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Sample Thank You Note Wording
for Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal shower sample thank you note wording should be an easy task! Getting all of those wonderful gifts is so much fun and it may be easy to just recapture your first instincts and thoughts when opening the gift when writing out your bridal shower thank you notes.

I recently had my bridal shower and I had to go through the same exercise and it was a lot of fun. Going back and remembering your gifts and looking through those cute bridal shower greeting cards not only helps to jog your memory, but also gets you excited for the big wedding day coming up!

Here are sample thank you note wording for bridal shower gifts - most taken from the thank you notes that I had recently written:

  • Thank you so much for the pressure cooker! I can't wait to start canning during harvest season. I'll be sure to send some jellies and jams your way!
  • Thank you so much for coming to the shower. It was so wonderful to see you and the girls. I adore all of the bamboo bowls! They are just what I needed for the kitchen, thank you so much!
  • Thank you so much for coming to the shower - I know it was a long drive for you and I really appreciate you being there! Also, thank you so much for the pasta cooker! It is just perfect and I love the built in strainer. My kitchen just got more efficient, thanks so much!
  • It was so great seeing you at the bridal shower! Thank you for making the trip. The beautiful crystal dessert bowls are gorgeous! I love them, thank you so much for such a wonderful gift!
  • Thank you so much for the adorable nighties! I was turning red opening the Victoria's Secret box, but I had nothing to fear. They are so cute - thank you so much!
  • Thank you so much for the amazing indoor blow-up mattress! This will be perfect for our out-of-town guests and plenty more comfortable than our couch! Thank you again!
  • It was great seeing you at the shower and thank you so much for the 4-person camping tent! It is just in time for summer and I know we will get a lot of use out of it! Thank you again!
  • Thank you so much for all of your wonderful gifts - where do I even begin?! The jumbo fryer is so great, I've been wanting one for years! And the beautiful bamboo cooking utensils will definitely come in handy! All of those great kitchen gadgets will be wonderful and will certainly make life while cooking much easier - thank you again! Your considerate gifts are truly appreciated.
  • Thank you so much for Scattegories and Apples to Apples! I love both of the board games and I'm crazy happy that they're in our board game collection now! I can't wait to play games with you guys next time we see you! Thanks so much!
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