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Types of Paper for all Your Paper Crafts

Paper is the foundation of all paper crafts, including card making. There are so many different types of paper that can be used for creating greeting cards that sometimes just a collage of different types of paper can be made into a cool looking card.

Paper used in crafting is not usually very expensive, as most paper is not expensive, but some types of paper can be a little pricey. The pricier types of paper can be reserved for very special paper crafts and cards or used sparingly as a decorated element of several cards.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of paper that can be found in paper supply stores or even around the house:


Cardstock "paper" is probably the most popular type of paper used for card making. Paper comes in different weights and card stock is essentially a very heavy type of paper. Most greeting cards sold in stores are made of card stock.

This type of paper can be purchased at most supply stores and come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles.

Some cardstock will come "pre-made" into little blank cards with matching envelopes. So if you hate the cutting and the folding of cards, then get them pre-made so you can focus all your energy on making it beautiful!

Graph Paper

Okay, I know, this isn't geometry class, but graph paper could have really cool results when used with making a handmade card!

As graph paper is typically associated with school, how about making a graduation card "charting" out your college graduate's school timeline? Or as a backdrop for your high school graduates card?

Graph paper is fun, I have so much leftoever from my school days and can't bear the thought of tossing them out!

Origami Paper

Origami paper can be really fun to use when making cards. The paper is usually cut smaller than regular sheets of paper and are usually square. Origami paper usually has beautiful rich designs that can showcase well on a handmade cards. Origami paper is usually thick because the paper is meant for folding; the thickness can add some sturdiness to your own handmade cards.

Simply put, origami paper is a real treat and the gorgeous patterns might make it difficult to even use as you might just want to keep them on hand for eye candy!

Mulberry Paper

I love mulberry paper! Mulberry paper is handmade and can come in different colors, sizes, textures, and thicknesses. They paper is used for lots of paper crafts to create that fuzzy edge look.

The paper works great with greeting cards as a "frame" for photos or other images. You can also use it as a backdrop for rubberstamping, pressed flowers, or other items. It could add a very romantic vibe to a love card or feminine touch to a Mother's Day card.

There is no need to overwhelm your creation with layers of mulberry paper. As I like to say, "Mulberry in Moderation," use this beautiful type of paper in moderation and you will find that a lot goes a long way!

Scrapbook Paper

I love scrapbook paper and use it for a lot of my cards. Scrapbook paper is found in most craft stores and the prints they come in seem endless!

The great thing about using scrapbook paper for your cards is that they usually have a "theme" for the prints, as scrapbooks are made for keeping memories of events. So you could find scrapbook paper with a graduation theme, Valentine's Day theme, wedding theme, new baby theme, and so much more.

The sizes of scrapbook paper vary from 4.5x6.5 inches (a good size for framing photos), 8x8 inches, and up to 12x12 inch squares. These sizes may be too big for just decorating the front of your handmade card, so some trimming will be necessary.

The great thing I love about scrapbook paper is that I could buy a cool pattern and use the paper for lots of different cards! If you are planning a baby shower, you can use a large piece of scrapbook paper, trim it down, and make several invites. And that works for all invites or holidays where you are sending out multiple cards, like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Sketch Paper

Sketch paper isn't usually used for paper crafts because it is thought to be for...sketching, but I use it for a lot of my crafts. The texture of certain types of sketch paper makes for a wonderful backdrop for rubber stamping out your images.

I also use sketch paper to print out images from my computer, then I use a little bit of water color to the image to add a very subtle and soft hue. Mulberry + Sketch paper image with water color = Very pretty, indeed!

Vellum Paper

Vellum paper is a thick and stiff type of paper that is usually translucent. It is used often as an overlay over images and pictures. This is a great type of paper to use because it adds an extra dimension to your cards without being overwhelming. It is a really fancy type of paper and doubles as a type of embellishment for you handmade card.

Some types of vellum paper is designed specially for crafts and may have quotes or other wording already, making them easy to apply.

Vellum is also used with other paper crafts, including scrapbooking. Make sure to use a clear drying type of glue because otherwise the glue may be seen through the vellum.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is a lot of fun to use with greeting cards and it's cheap! You can get rolls of wrapping paper at the dollar store for just a buck and it goes a long way. Wrapping paper, like scrapbook paper, is usually designed with a holiday or special occasion in mind.

Use wrapping paper to cut out pictures, messages, and cool papers for your greeting cards. Just remember to use a "thin" glue or tape because wrapping paper is usually thinner than your regular types of paper.

Blank Computer Paper

This is probably the most popular type of paper used around the globe, but not really used for card making, but why not?

Computer paper is relatively cheap and can come in lots of different colors. Pastels, florescent colors, and different shades of off white.

In a pinch, computer paper would work great for a lining inside of a colored card. This will add another layer to the card, and also give you a clean, blank slate for you card message -- which is handy if you are using a very dark cardstock for the greeting card.

Computer paper can also be used to keep kids busy. Cut the piece of paper in half to make two little greeting cards where kids can express themselves.

My mom always keeps little paper cards made from my nieces all over the house. Regardless of what type of paper is used with a greeting card, the recipient is always impressed!

Creative Card Sketches

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Thank you again for visiting my website and I hope you continue to find card making a joyful and inspiring hobby for many years to come!

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