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Creative Handmade New Home Card Ideas

Did someone you know just buy a new home? Looking for creative new home card ideas?

A handmade new home card can be the perfect way to congratulate someone on buying a new home or buying their first home!

Buying a new home is a very happy, yet stressful, occasion. Lighten up the load by sending a creative handmade new home card and sweet little housewarming gifts to the new address! It could be the first personalized piece of mail the new homeowner will receive!

If you're like me and you don't have a arsenal of rubber stamps or crafting supplies, then you might need to get a little creative.

An Adorable Handmade New Home Card!

Here is a super cute homemade new home card (that sounds funny) that I created with a map that I found randomly. For different new home card ideas using the same concept, try find an antique map or a black and white map.

Here are some more creative new home card ideas that might inspire you:

  • Print out a map of their new address from the computer and cut to fit onto the front of a blank card. Then get a pretty red paper or metallic red paper and cut out a little heart and place that right where their new home is. You can write "Home is Where the Heart Is" and then a special message congratulating them on their new house

  • Cut out a window from the front of a card and place a piece of transparent vellum on the other side of the window. Punch out or cut out flowers (look through old magazines) on the front of the card, right underneath the "window." Then think of something that you can place on the inside of the card that will be seen through the window. A big heart? Cute stick figures of the new home owners? Do they have a cat or a dog or even a little fish? Draw and cut out your image and glue it on the inside so that it shows through.

  • Did the new home owners move out of state or another big city? This can be a stressful time in your life as well if you were very close or lived nearby. Let the homeowners know that you miss them, but that you are happy for them. If you know someone that bought a house in another state, then how about printing out a picture of the state where they moved from and write "California [or whatever state they moved from] Misses You Already" on the front, then write "...and so do we, but congratulations!" Moving can be a happy and sad time for all involved, so let others know that you miss them and, despite it, you are happy.

  • If your close friends have moved faraway you can create a handmade new home card that reflects on the fun that you guys had. Coffee talks at the a local diner, maybe a coupon for whenever they visit - coffee will be on you! Or that you'll really miss favorite dinner dish that your friend used to always make. Or if you have some recipes that you're friend really loved, then how about writing them up on some pretty recipe cards for their new home?

New home card ideas don't have to focus strictly on the house, they can really focus on the new homeowners and your relationship with them.

Making your own creative handmade new home cards is a great way to cherish your friendship and congratulate your friend on opening up another chapter in their lives - a new house!

A Cute & Simple Handmade New Home Card!

This is a really simple to make homemade card idea. I used the rubber stamp as a tree to symbolize growth - which could make for a nice intro image into a congratulations message on the inside!

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