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A New Home Card to Celebrate a
"Home Sweet Home"

new home card

This handmade new home card idea was inspired by a rubber stamp of a tree that I have in my collection. I used the stamp of the tree to symbolize growth and a renewal.

Buying your first home or a new home is a wondrous experience for the owners and what better way to celebrate with them than creating a handmade new home greeting card sent to their new address?

If your friend is a nature lover or perhaps moved to the country from the city, then this new home card idea could mean so much on so many levels. The simplicity in the card lies in the neutral colors and the somewhat off-balanced picture and wording.

I decided to write the "home sweet home" message out in pencil because I didn't have a brown pen - only black, which I think would have been too harsh of a color. Although, looking back, I could have sharpened a dark brown colored pencil and written out the message using that medium.

Of course, instead of hand writing the message out, you can always choose to rubber stamp your message or even print a message from your computer.

Bonus Gift to the new homeowners: If you'd like to include a gift card to Home Depot or Lowe's, then you can cut two (or four) little slits inside the card to work as a gift card holder! What a fun surprise that will be!

Material Needed:

  • Cardstock - I chose a speckled tan color for the card.

  • More Cardstock - another color for the frames around the image and wording (I chose an earthy olive color). And another light colored cardstock for the image and the wording.

  • Rubber stamp image of a tree, or flower, or other pretty thing.

  • Inkpad or rubber stamp markers - I used a green and a light green brush marker.

  • Pencil for the wording - or rubber stamps or printing out your message from your computer.

  • Double-sided tape or adhesive of your choice.

  • Paper trimmer

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Trim and fold your cardstock to the desired size, this card is 5.25" x 5.25".

  2. On your light colored cardstock, rubber stamp your image three times alternating colors.

  3. Trim around your image.

  4. With your darker colored cardstock, trim down so that it is slightly bigger than your rubber stamped image, this will become your "frame."

  5. Tape or glue the image on its frame at a slight angle.

  6. Trim your light colored cardstock into a thin rectangular shape, this will be for your message.

  7. Using your pencil, colored pencil, or marker - write out "Home Sweet Home" on the cardstock. Of course, you may choose to rubber stamp out your message or print it out from your computer.

  8. Trim your colored cardstock into a rectangle that will become the "frame" for your message.

  9. Tape or glue your wording onto its frame at a slight angle.

  10. Tape or glue the image and the wording onto the front of the cards.

  11. Write a sweet congratulations message inside and mail out to the new owners immediately.

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