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Mothers Day Card Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

Mothers day card ideas abound during springtime - just take a look around for some inspiration!

There are plenty of Mother's Day Cards at the store, but since each Mom is so unique and different wouldn't it be nice if you created a Mother's Day card tailored just for her?

When reflecting on Mother's Day Card Ideas and about your mom or grandma, think about what makes them unique and how their influence has helped you to become who you are.

All of those special memories will make a great foundation to thinking of ways to create a very special Mother's Day Card.

Your Mother's Day Card doesn't have to be a grandiose display of fireworks or museum perfect art - use what you know and what you have to make a Mother's Day greeting card that they will remember forever!

Here is a Simple Paper Homemade Mother's Day Card Idea

I made this card with different types of patterned paper that I had on hand and I really ended up loving the sort of quilted look that the different patterns created.

handmade mothers day card

A Pretty Springtime Handmade Mother's Day Card

Birds and flowers are a true sign that spring has arrived! So what better spring images to use for a Mother's Day card? Here is a fun spring-colored card to get your creativity into action.

handmade mothers day card

Here are some other creative things to include with your Mothers Day Card ideas:

  • Mom's Famous Quotes: Do you remember a famous quote that your mom always told you as a kid? As an adult, do you still live by that nugget of advice? Why not incorporate it into a funny card?

    For example, if your mom used to say, "Always wear clean underwear" - you could make a funny greeting card with a collage of underwear and write: "Wearing Clean underwear since 1981. Thanks Mom!"

    It will make her laugh and bring back old memories of your childhood.

  • Visiting Memory Lane: There are tons of memories that you probably have - both funny and maybe not so funny - about your mom. Why not write out a vivid memory of a childhood event that your mom would love to revisit.

    Type it out in a pretty font and print it onto a antique looking paper. You can display your memory on the front of a card with decorations around it: flowers, hearts, stars, and write your message inside.

    You would be creating a beautiful display of a personal memory that has shaped your life. Your mom would love it!

  • A Love List Card: Moms love writing lists (at least most of the moms I know!) - why not create a list about your mom to use in brainstorming Mothers Day card ideas? The list could be a lot of different things.

    It could be a list of favorite dishes that she cooked when you were a kid. It could be a list of lessons that you've learned from her. It could be a list of things that she's done for you that you will never forget.

    Print it out on a pretty piece of paper and attach it to the front of a card. It will probably be the most thoughtful thing that she will receive on Mother's Day. And also something that she could keep forever.

As I get older, I begin to realize how much my own mother has taught me. Some of our best conversations involve memories from my childhood or rebellious teenage years. The memories are always funny (now) and invoke a sense of nostalgia.

I think most Moms like to reminisce on their child's growing years and putting those memories into a more permanent form is a very cool way of saying: "Happy Mother's Day!"

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