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Ideas for Wedding Card Boxes

Ideas for wedding card boxes can be created by looking at the wedding theme, location, and other aspects of the ceremony and reception.

A wedding card box, or wishing well for wedding cards, is usually set up and displayed on the table where gifts are being placed. A lot of people bring a card along with a gift and others simply bring a card, perhaps with a little gift inside.

To make it easier for the guests to deliver their wedding card, most hosts will have a wedding card box where all cards can be deposited. This not only gives the guests a place to put their gift, but also it ensures that the cards are not lost or misplaced.

Especially with an outdoor wedding when the wind may be blowing a mighty breeze - you do not want the wedding cards flying all over the place!

Here are some ideas for wedding card boxes:

  • Wedding Card Box Wrapped as a Gift

    If you can find a sturdy box, consider wrapping it as a wedding gift. Complete with bows and fancy wrapping paper. Then carefully cut out a slit where guests can deposit their wedding cards.

    Make sure that the box is set apart from the other gifts and that there is a label that signifies that box as the wedding card box.

  • Antique Birdcage

    If the wedding is outdoors at a barn or other outdoorsy place - then consider using birdcages as ideas for wedding card boxes!

    Lots of old birdcages can be found at thrift stores, garage sales, yard sales, and other similar places. An antique or rusty birdcage can definitely be spruced up with a quick coat of paint.

    If wedding colors have been chosen, then consider implementing them into the birdcage makeover. There is no need for a slit for the birdcages as there are already built in slits! Just have the guests slide their cards through the bars of the birdcage.

    If you are feeling especially crafty, you can find a little bird swing at a pet store and buy some fake lovebirds to have sitting in the cage!

  • Retro Wooden Crates

    Ideas for wedding card boxes can be found throughout history! Old school wooden crates can be an adorable addition to a wedding gift table!

    Thrift stores, yard sales, your Grandpa's garage - wooden crates can be found nearly everywhere! A quick makeover with some paint and even some decorative initials for the married couple to be could add a nice personalized touch!

    Or maybe hearts, doves, or other symbolic icon. If you have a few crates handy, stack a few facing downward and stacked upward at the top!

  • Mailboxes

    What better ideas for wedding card boxes than simply mailboxes! Mailboxes can come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors! How sweet would it be that have some cool mailboxes for the newly minted couple!

    Finding old mailboxes can be a chore, so why not just go to your local hardware store and find a new one and post it up near the gift table? The mailbox itself could be a gift for the new couple for when they buy their own home. Your wedding guests can hand deliver their wedding cards right into the mailbox, how fun!

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