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Handmade Card Making Supplies

Handmade card making supplies are best purchased when you have a good idea of what types of cards you will be making. I've made the mistake of buying supplies that looked to cute in the store, yet have not used them, what a waste!

So don't feel obligated to purchase all of the handmade card making supplies below, I've created this list to give you an idea of what might be useful in your card making adventures.

I've also included some tips to think about that will help stretch your crafting dollars.

Paper and Cardstock

Paper is probably the essential supply needed for handmade card making, but you do not need to purchase tons of different types paper.

A stock of primary colored cardstock could last you a long time because the colors are versatile for many different occasions.

Purchasing white, off-white or neutral cardstock may be helpful too because you can use it with decorative patterned paper without taking away from the design.

And you could match white cardstock with your colored cardstock to create simple and modern designs.

Decorative or Patterned Paper

Decorative paper or scrapbooking paper can be found at any crafters store and usually run in various sizes: 12x12, 8x8, and 4x6.

It is always overwhelming for me when trying to pick out different patterns because so many of them are so cool! And coupled with the fact that they range from $0.29-$0.99, I am always tempted to buy more than I need, but it really does add up.

When choosing decorative paper, try to choose patterns that you can use for multiple occasions.

For example I chose the decorative and patterned paper in the picture because I knew that I would be able to use them for different occasions:

  • Birthday Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Thinking of You Cards
  • Encouragement Cards

By knowing that I could use these patterns for multiple cards, I felt justified in buying the paper: "Waste not, Want not," right?

Cutting Tools

There are a lot of cutting tools out there in the crafting world, but you can really get by with just a pair of scissors. Although I prefer to use an "x-acto" knife and a steel ruler to make straight and clean edges.

Paper trimmers are definitely popular handmade card making supplies because they are fast and efficient, but can be expensive. If you are just starting out or just want to make a few cards then don't worry about investing in a paper trimmer.

Decorative edge scissors are also cool in creating different types of card edges, but again, these scissors can be expensive ($3-5/each) - I found these decorative scissors at the Dollar Tree Store for a buck each - so keep your eyes peeled for any deals you might find in unexpected places.

Add some glam to your cards with Craft Jewels!

Craft Jewels are fun and they could be used on a lot of different types of cards. It is an inexpensive handmade card embellishment that can be added to your handmade card making supplies arsenal.

The craft jewels in the picture were bought on sale for $2. I felt that it was a good investment because of the amount of jewels and because of the different colors (green, light green, emerald green, and yellow) and different shapes (flowers, circles, diamonds, squares, etc..).

These craft jewels could be used to spruce up a lot of different cards:

  • St. Patty Day Cards
  • Christmas Cards
  • Thinking of You Cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Wedding Cards

Also, if you check out the decorative papers I chose above - you can see how these craft jewels could easily be used to add dimension and a little sparkle to the different patterns. Versatile handmade card making supplies are a great way to ensure that the supplies are used, especially if the different supplies and embellishments work with one another in the color and style department.

Glues, Adhesives, and More!

Glues or adhesives are probably another essential (besides paper and scissors) needed for handmade card making. Regular white household glue may work for some creative card ideas, but they are messy and can dry out lumpy - which is not the result we are looking for.

You can invest in double-sided tape (not that expensive),glue sticks or glue runners if you are working with young children and things may get a little messy.

I prefer rubber cement for making my own cards for various reasons:

  • It's cheap! At least cheaper than glue runners
  • It dries clear - which is especially nice for making cards
  • Lastly, there is a magical element (at least magical to me) in rubber cement where when it dries, you can literally just rub excess glue off; it's like rubbing off a gel-like adhesive

That last reason is especially helpful because I can get messy when making cards. PS: Rubber cement stinks, but is ordinarily non-toxic (please check the bottle for any precautions you may need to take).

Rubber Stamps, Clear Stamps, Etc...

Rubber Stamps can be expensive, but you can purchase inexpensive rubber stamps online. Rubber stamps are not only cool for handmade card making supplies to have, but can be used for little things like decorating envelopes or letters - even making decorative wrapping paper!

Clear stamps are the newest thing and they are a little cheaper than rubber stamps, but acrylic blocks are needed to be purchased to use clear stamps.

With either of the stamps, you will need different inkpads or markers to bring them to life. I use markers because they are cleaner than inkpads and you can create multi-colored stamps.

Buying a lot of inkpads or markers can become expensive. In the beginning I chose to buy a set of rubber stamp markers in primary colors. I chose primary colors because they are versatile and they will match my primary colored cardstock (from above)!

When deciding on what colors to purchase, try to decide what colors you will be most likely to use.

  • Do you like pastels? Then get pastel markers! Choosing colors that you gravitate towards makes sense because you will naturally be drawn toward those types of patterns and cardstock

  • Are you making a bunch of holiday or Christmas Cards? Then maybe a few inkpads or markers in seasonal colors will make more sense: reds, greens, gold, silver, and maybe some blue for good measure

  • Are you making Thank You Cards for your wedding gifts? Then you might want to purchase colors that match your wedding theme or neutral wedding colors: different shades of white, silver, gold, and maybe some pinks

Consider your projects and your personality before investing a lot in rubber stamps and stamping accessories.

Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere!

Glitter is a fun way to add some sparkle to your handmade cards. Glitter is usually inexpensive and comes in a variety of different colors.

I purchased the small tubes of glittered pictured for $2 total. I love the colors and they would definitely work with the craft jewels and patterned paper that I have also purchased (both pictured above).

Glitter can be sprinkled onto little dabs of clear drying glue. The excess glitter can be shaken off and returned back into its' container to be used later.


Ribbons are fun, but are really optional for handmade card making - like a lot of embellishments that I've listed. They can run anywhere from $0.50 - $5.00, so choose wisely. The ribbons pictured were purchased 2 for $1 at a fabric store.

For holiday cards, you may want to purchase some red and silver ribbon (which could also be used for making Valentine's Day cards). For Halloween cards, maybe some orange and black ribbons (which could also be used for making Thanksgiving cards).

Ribbons can be used to make little bows on your greeting card or to hang little charms off the corner of your card. It's all up to you!

Creative Card Sketches

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you are able to find some great card making ideas. I also wanted to share with you an awesome resource that I've put together just for card makers: 101 Creative Card Sketches.

If you've been searching for a quick and easy way to find card layouts, then this is the perfect solution for you! This book includes 101 card sketches, over 25 card samples + instructions, tips and techniques for using card sketches, handy sketch summary sheets, and lots more, you'll never run out of card layout ideas again!

Thank you again for visiting my website and I hope you continue to find card making a joyful and inspiring hobby for many years to come!

This is a downloadable ebook that you can order from anywhere and have instant access to.
101 Creative Card Sketches

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