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Fun Halloween Greeting Cards - Spider Card

halloween card idea - spider

Halloween greeting cards are fun to make and could make a cool activity project with your kids! Halloween cards can be used to say "Happy Halloween" to friends and family members or they can be used as Halloween party invitations.

I used black felt to make this spider Halloween card and found some googly eyes that I've had in my crafting supplies that I've never used. So, yay, I get a chance to use my googly eyes! And a chance to use a lot of them!

Halloween greeting cards like this are super quick and kid-friendly.

On the spaces around the fuzzy spider, I could write "Happy Halloween" or "You're invited to a Party!" I haven't decided what exactly I will use the card for - so I left it blank for now.

Material Needed:

  • Cardstock for the actual card - I chose an orange

  • Cardstock to "frame" the spider - I used a silver textured cardstock, you could use a gray or even a yellow color to help bring in the theme of Halloween and still have a nice contrast to the spider

  • Black felt for the spider and its legs - I only used half a sheet of black felt for this card, so a whole sheet could make about two cards, depending on how big the card will be

    halloween greeting cards

  • Googly eyes - I had a pack of googly eyes that I got from the dollar store. If you do not have googly eyes on hand, then you can use white and black felt to make your own eyes!

  • Scissors

  • Paper trimmer - optional

  • Double sided tape or adhesive of your choice

  • Craft clear drying glue - Elmer's, Tacky glue, or any clear drying glue would work

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Trim and fold your cardstock to the desired size - this card is about 6" x 5" big.

  2. Trim your contrasting colored cardstock to fit just inside the front of the card - I cut my silver textured cardstock to about 5.75" x 4.75" big.

  3. With your double-sided tape, attach the colored cardstock to the front of the card.

  4. Cut your black felt so that it is about the same size of your colored cardstock, you can eyeball this.

  5. Start cutting an oval out of the your smaller section of black felt. This will be the body of the spider. Keep cutting the oval until it is the desired spider body size.

  6. For the legs, cut about a fourth of a whole sheet of felt - in a rectangle or square shape. Now you will cut along two sides of the felt piece to create "L" shaped felt spider legs.

    halloween cards

    You can continue using the same piece of felt, don't worry about the legs being too long because you will need to trim them to size anyway.

  7. Keep cutting the legs until you have six, three legs for each side of the spider body.

    halloween greeting cards

  8. Lay your spider body on the front of your card. Now arrange your spider legs how you want them to look.

  9. Trim off the excess spider legs so that they are the length that you want.

    Note: If you do not want the spider legs to hang on the outside of the card, then make the spider body smaller and the legs shorter.

  10. Arranged your newly trimmed spider legs underneath your spider body exactly how you want. Now carefully remove the spider body.

  11. With your clear drying glue, gently lift each leg and run a strip of glue along the part of the leg that is resting on the front of the card. You do not need to the glue the parts of the legs that will be hanging over the side.

  12. Press gently.

  13. Now glue your spider body onto the sets of spider legs.

    halloween cards

  14. Take your googly eyes and arrange them the way you want. Start gluing them one by one.

  15. Viola! A fuzzy, googly eyed spider Halloween card!

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