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Creative Halloween Card Making Ideas

Halloween card making ideas can a lot of light-hearted fun or even slightly sinister! Halloween is a holiday where the spookier the better usually wins out.

If you know friends, relatives, and even younger relatives who celebrate the holiday, then why not surprise them with a happy (or scary!) Halloween greeting card?

Sending Halloween cards are not usual for this holiday, but more and more people are getting into the spooky spirit and sending out their own handmade Happy Halloween cards!

Card making Halloween greeting cards is a great project for kids because it lets them become creative with unusual holiday icons: ghosts, ghouls, witches, jack-o-lanterns, and all of those fun images!

Here are some creative Halloween card making ideas that you can use:

  • Fun Shaped Halloween Cards

    Thankfully Halloween card shapes can be very easy to cut. Consider shaping cards into a ghost, a pumpkin, or even a spooky gravestone. These cards will be so easy for kids to make.

    If your kids are very young, consider tracing the shapes for them to use to practice cutting - using safety scissors, of course!

    With a jack-o-lantern shape, you can make the cover of the card orange and the inside yellow. Now you can cut out shapes to represent the jack-o-lantern's face and have the yellow color show through (see my own example below!)

    If ghosts and ghouls are not your thing, then consider making the cards in the shape of different candy, such as candy corn, lollipops, chocolate bars, and other yummy treats.

    Even if you don't celebrate Halloween, there is nothing wrong with indulging your sweet tooth!

  • Celebrate the Creep Factor

    Halloween cards don't have to be fun and festive. Consider making dark and slightly creepy cards for your very special friends.

    A lot images can conjure up the idea of a foggy and dark Halloween night:

    • Dark bats
    • Sticky spider webs and furry spiders
    • Hooting owls with glowing eyes
    • Hairy gnarling rats
    • Shapeless monsters with red eyes
    • Green flying witches with nasty warts and sharp fingernails
    • And other creepy things – some that go bump in the night…

Here is a fun and fuzzy Halloween greeting card

This Halloween greeting card took only a few minutes to make and is a great activity to do for kids. It can be either a "Happy Halloween" or a Halloween party invite - it's up to you!

A Fun Jack-o-Lantern Shaped Halloween Card!

This homemade Halloween card takes the simple idea of a jack-o-lantern and turns it into a fun card! Check out the easy instructions and find more Halloween card making ideas for your personalized pumpkin!

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