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Halloween card ideas can be discovered through thinking about what icons and staple items make Halloween ... well, Halloween and jack-o-lanterns should be at the top of your list!

Homemade Halloween cards can be fun for kids and this Halloween greeting card is no exception.

This is the most simple I was able to make this jack-o-lantern card, but here are some ways to make this more of a custom Halloween card:

  • If you are lucky enough to have some fancy cutting tools that can cut swirls and circles, then you can definitely spruce this pumpkin up! Any cool pattern or design can be "carved" into the orange cardstock for custom Halloween card ideas.

  • One of my favorite movies is "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and I've seen jack-o-lanterns carved to look like Jack, the main character of the movie. So if you have a favorite spooky cartoon character, consider making a jack-o-lantern to reflect him or her or "it."

  • If you have dark brown or even a charcoal colored inkpad you can lightly rub the edges of the orange jack-o-lantern to give it a more 3-dimensional look!

Material Needed:

  • Orange and yellow cardstock

  • Brown cardstock for the stem

  • Scissors

  • Craft knife or Exacto knife

  • Glue or adhesive of your choice

  • Self healing mat for cutting or carving in this case

  • Pencil

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Measure out the size of your pumpkin on your orange piece of cardstock. I used a 5" x 5" envelope to figure out how big I wanted my jack-o-lantern.

  2. Now with your pencil, draw what you want to cut out from the jack-o-lantern. I did this before I cut out the actual pumpkin because I figured that it would be easier for me than working with a smaller sheet of cardstock.

    Note: If you are using a more complex tool to carve out your pumpkin, then it would be up to you to decide whether it would be easier to cut the pumpkin out first or wait until later.

  3. With your exacto knife or other cutting tool, carve out your jack-o-lantern. Make sure you are carving out your pieces using a self-healing mat underneath - so you don't ruin your tabletop.

  4. Now cut out the outline of your whole jack-o-lantern.

  5. Using your jack-o-lantern, trace the shape of the card onto the yellow cardstock, then cut out the yellow shape - this will be the back of your card.

  6. With your brown cardstock, cut a thick strip that can be folded over to create the stem and also create the attachment for all the pieces.

  7. Glue the yellow stem to the inside of one side of the brown stem. Then glue the orange stem to the yellow stem. Then fold the "stem" over and glue it to the orange stem.

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