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Graduation card ideas do not just have to focus on graduation stuff, think caps and gowns, Class of 2012, or a fancy rolled up scroll. There's more to graduating than all of that!

When you are looking for graduation card ideas, think of your graduate -- not just "graduation."

If you know your grad well, you can brainstorm some great graduate card ideas just from knowing what they are graduating from.

Here are some questions you can answer to get you started:

  • What is your graduate graduating from? Kindergarten, cosmetology school, a doctoral program? Use this as a way to generate ideas.

  • What school are they graduating from? Does the school have a cool mascot? Does the school have pretty school colors that you incorporate into your grad card ideas?

  • What plans does your graduate have after graduation? A trip around the world? Moving to a new city? Applying for graduate school?

  • Was you graduate involved in special activities? A spelling bee winner? Part of the school band? A dance group?

  • Can you impart some wisdom if you are in a similar field or something you learned after your graduation?

Graduation is an exciting time for anyone, whether they are graduating from kindergarten or from beauty school or from a doctoral program.

Each degree/major at a university can bring up a ton of ideas regarding pictures, wording, card style and so forth.

Here's a great graduation card for a musician!

homemade graduation card

Here is a list of some majors that I've brainstormed and some picture ideas or items I typically associate with those majors (pardon the generalities!) but its just a formative list to help inspire you to create your own grad card for your particular graduate.

Art Major Graduate
Graduation card ideas for art majors can be really fun. Consider your favorite artists and maybe find a cool print and quote to use.

Or what about your graduate's favorite artists? Is your graduate a graphic designer, what about a collage of cool magazine cutouts?

How about using a piece of canvas to create a card? Just think of the texture and novelty of doing that!

A Simple & Chic Art Graduate Card

Business School Graduate
This is easy. Think stock market pages, graphs, calculators, Monopoly money, or even real money; that would get them excited!

English Major
With a graduate of English, think books, ancient scrolls, dictionary definitions, Shakespeare. I was an English major and every English major was required to take a Shakespeare course.

Do you have a favorite poet with some memorable lines that you can quote in your card?

What about pictures of typewriters or library catalogues, those images would be cute to incorporate into a card.

There are some common University majors that I've thought of right off the top of my head, so get your brainstorming caps on to think of some cool items, images, or pictures to include on your own graduate's handmade grad card.

Okay, once I think of some more, I'll add them.

Any graduation card ideas you would like me to help you brainstorm? Just send me a note on my contact form!

A Graduation Card Made for Me by my Lil' Sister!

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