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Christmas Card Ideas that are Fun and Simple

Christmas card ideas are now in season! Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year and it might seem daunting to add another "to do" on your rapidly growing list, but I find that making greeting cards can be a very relaxing activity.

It requires very little physical exertion and it's an activity where kids, young and old, and other friends and family can get involved.

Setting aside an afternoon for making homemade Christmas cards also gives you an excuse for not having to do anything else!

For Christmas Card Ideas there are a lot of choices and designs to choose from. If you are working with kids or other people when making your cards, try to choose a variety of different colors, patterned paper, and other embellishments to help spark their imagination.

Red and green may be the mascot colors for the holiday, but what about silver, blue, gold, and other festive colors?

Choosing a variety of colors will give you more flexibility and also the leftover material can be used for other crafts, Happy New Year's Cards, perhaps?

Make A Simple "Patchwork" Handmade Paper Christmas Card

Click here for instructions on how the make this Homemade Christmas Card.

homemade christmas card

Here's a great "Happy Holidays" Christmas card that can be made with very few materials.

Click here for instructions on how the make this handmade Christmas Card.

handmade christmas card

Bright Snowflake Decorated Christmas Card

Click here for instructions on how the make this handmade Christmas Card.

handmade christmas card

Simple Card Made with Leftover Patterned Paper

Here are some other Christmas Card Ideas to help get you started:

  • Christmas Recipe Cards:
    Do you have a famous applie pie or chocolate chip cookie recipe that everyone always asks you for?

    Why not print out your special recipe onto some pretty holiday patterned paper for your family and friends?

    That way you are giving them your holiday greetings and something yummy to remind them of you - which is especially sweet if you have friends and family that live far away.

  • Handmade Photo Christmas Cards:
    Christmas is a great time to show others how your family has grown or share news about new members of your family.

    How about making your own photo holiday card that doubles as a beautiful Christmas picture frame?

    Instead of just sending a picture, use some material and send your picture in style! Try cutting out little snowflakes and gluing them on a pretty blue background bordering your picture.

    Or what about little snowmen made of fluffy cotton balls? It will be sure fire way to set your photo card apart from all the others.

  • Festive Shaped Cards:
    Instead of the typical rectangular or square cards this holiday - what about shaping them into cool little patterns?

    What about a Christmas stocking or a Christmas tree? An ornament shaped card would also be fun to create.

    Spice up the typical greeting card protocol and make your own!

Yes, the holiday season is an overwhelming time of the year and if you like the idea of creating homemade Christmas cards but feel that you do not have the time then consider making just a few for those extra special people in your life.

You can still enjoy a few hours of relaxation and still deliver a little extra for those that are close to your heart!

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