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Handmade Christmas Card Ideas
Try Making This "Patchwork" Holiday Card!

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Are you looking for simple handmade Christmas Card Ideas? Well, you've come to the right place!

I wanted create a simple card using some scrap patterned paper that I had on hand and I love those holiday greeting cards that favor simple designs, so I wanted to create something like that.

I got this handmade Christmas card idea from the concept of a quilt or patchwork. I figured since I had some cool scraps of patterned paper - why not try to make a simple "patchwork" holiday card?

So I did!

Your handmade Christmas card ideas don't need to be created with expensive material and your recipients will appreciate the effort and time you took to make them a special greeting card.

So if you have some cool patterned paper that you don't know what to do with, but you would dread having to throw away - try to use it to make a "patchwork" card.

This saves paper and adds a touch of simplicity to handmade Christmas card ideas! And also this works for a great homemade craft for the kids!

If the simplicity is not your cup of tea, you can dolly up the card with different items:

  • Glitter for the "snowflakes" (which are actually flower punch outs)

  • Craft jewels to add some jazz to the little trees

  • Include patterned fabric in place of the paper and give the card some texture

  • Instead of trees, you can have a snowman or one big decorated Christmas tree

  • Use green felt for the hills to add a nice touchy feely edge to the card

This holiday card was designed to be simple, but you can certainly add your own creative touches to make it uniquely yours!

Material Needed:

  • Cardstock, for actual card - I chose a light blue

  • Scraps of patterned paper -

    I had four different kinds of patterns:

    1) Background, light blue and white stripes
    2) Hill in the Foreground, light green with white polka dots
    3) Hill in the Background, Green plaid-like pattern
    4) Christmas (Pine) Trees, a funky dark green pattern with swirls

  • Tiny scraps of brown paper (for the tree trunks - or white paper colored brown)

  • Scissors

  • Glue Runner or Glue/Adhesiveof your choice

  • Craft knife

  • Steel ruler

  • Cutting mat

  • Bone folder, optional

  • Flower punches, optional - I used the flowers as snowflakes

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Cut and fold your card to the desired size.

  2. Cut a patterned paper to a size slightly smaller than the front of the card - I chose a pattern of white and very light blue stripes for the background.

  3. Cut two patterned pieces of paper to the same width as the background - this will become the two hills that you see at the bottom of the card.

  4. Cut the two hills with the patterned paper from Step 3, make sure that one side of the paper starts at a high points and slopes downward. With the other hill sloping the opposite direction (see picture).

  5. Cut the last patterned paper into tall skinny triangles to represent the trees.

  6. Glue the patterned paper to create the scene.

    First, glue the background.
    Second, glue the hill in the background.
    Third, glue the hill in the foreground.
    Fourth, glue the trunks of the trees.
    Fifth, glue the trees.

  7. Optional: Use flower (or even star) punch outs to create snowflakes and glue randomly.

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