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Bridal Shower Invitation Cards

Bridal shower invitation cards are more festive than simply a postcard or a printed out invitation.

Handmade bridal shower cards can also be personalized to reflect a particular bridal shower theme or reflect the personality of the bride herself!

There are lots of ideas that can be found by simply reflecting on all the festivities that surround a wedding.

When creating bridal shower invitation cards consider ideas such as:

  • Bridal Shower Location
    Is the bridal shower going to be at a park? Or in the form of a pool party? Are there ways that you can incorporate the location of the bridal shower into the bridal shower cards? Including some clues about the location of the bridal shower can help the guests prepare and also get them excited!

  • Bridal Shower Theme
    Are you planning on a particular theme throughout the celebration? Perhaps a butterfly motif or maybe a "Starry Night" theme? If you are, then you can kick it off by foreshadowing the theme with your handmade bridal shower invitations! You could find rubber stamps with just about any type of animal motif. Or patterned paper that reflects the theme. Keeping a particular motif throughout will really help to streamline the party and make decorating a little easier because it gives you a focus.

  • Season
    Is your bridal shower party occurring in the autumn or spring? Even summer and winter seasons could lend well to handmade bridal shower invitation cards! Incorporate the warm autumn colors into the bridal shower cards. Or use a seasonal motif on the card, such as a brilliant summer sun or a blossoming spring bouquet.

  • It's all about the Bride
    How about making the theme of your bridal shower invitation cards all about the bride? Does your bride love nature? Or shoes? Does she love sushi or board games? Are there ways that you can include something special about your bride into your bridal shower cards? Knowing your bride can also give you some ideas about games or activities that you can host for the bridal shower guests.

  • Wedding Colors
    Do you know what colors the bride has chosen for the wedding? If you love the wedding color palette, then ask the bride to be if you can borrow the colors for the bridal shower. Having the same colors as the wedding will be a fun way to tie the two events together and keep the festivities fresh in the minds of the guests.

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Here is a Hot Bridal Shower Invitation Idea!

This is a handmade bridal shower invite that my sister made for my upcoming bridal shower. It's adorable and came in a chocolate brown envelope which will match my own wedding invitations!

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