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Creative Anniversary Card Ideas

Anniversary card ideas should come from the heart because you know your partner best! A handmade card paired with awesome anniversary gifts is a great way to celebrate!

The great thing about anniversary cards is that they can be made for all sorts of special dates. For instance, there is the first six month anniversary milestone, one year anniversary milestone, and other special dates.

My fiancee and I remember the exact date that we met for the first time and that has always been a special date for us.

Don't feel confined to brainstorming card ideas just for wedding anniversaries; surely there are other special dates that are meaningful and a handmade anniversary card can be a great way to re-live those special dates.

How about the anniversary of buying your first home? Or the anniversary of your first date?

If you're stumped for card ideas, here are some seeds of inspiration that may help:

  • How about emphasizing the date on the front of the card in large pretty fonts? I've seen this done with Save-the-Date postcards and have always liked the idea.

  • Or how about emphasizes the type of anniversary on the front? Like "3 Years Ago, I Met the Love of My Life." The first section can be in bold typeface, with the second phrase could be written in a beautiful cursive font.

  • Or how about stealing anniversary card ideas from those funny t-shirts that people wear. "Loving You Since 1996" "Other boys drool, but you're cool." Or something equally charming.

  • Do you have a photograph of you and your partner that you both cherish? How about attaching that to the card? Or perhaps old school portraits would be a funny reminder of how far you guys have come.

  • Simplicity is always nice. Consider making a simple card in their favorite colors decorated with hearts.

Coming up with anniversary card ideas can be challenging. One place to find ideas is to look at handmade Valentine card ideas - as they could be customized with different wording and still emphasize the idea of love and togetherness.

Wedding cards is another good place to start when looking for inspiration on making your own anniversary card ideas.

Or consider the occasion. Is it the anniversary of your new home? Then you can put a cute picture of a house on the cover.

Or will it be a handmade anniversary card of when you guys first met? Consider incorporating a sentimental token of where you guys met into the card (like old business cards, if you met at a business conference. Or the coaster of the restaurant or bar where you first laid eyes on each other).

Each love, each memory, each handmade card is unique in its own special way. For anniversary card ideas, consider what makes you and your partner unique and start from cooking up card ideas from there.

Here is a handmade Anniversary Card that I made for my three year anniversary. "Baby Doll" is a nickname that I have for my fiancee, so I used that for the front of the card.

Click here for instructions on how the make this Anniversary Card.

handmade anniversary card

This is a Valentine card that I made, but it could be used for an anniversary card because of its love theme. When you are stuck for ideas, it's okay to seek out other romantic holidays to spark some inspiration.

Click here for instructions on how the make this Romantic Card.

handmade valentine card

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